Center for Embeded Computing Systems

The technology of “embedded systems”, which is a computer system embedded in various equipment and machines that help control them, is a very important technology to support our country’s manufacturing industry. For example, many computers are embedded in modern automobiles for various purposes. Embedded system technology is indispensable for the advancement of the automobile industry.
The Center for Embedded Computing Systems (NCES) was established in April, 2006 as an attached center of the Graduate School of Information Science due to the strong demand from the industry for technology and human resource development in the field of embedded systems. The Center aims to formulate the research and educational bases for embedded system technology through collaboration with the industry. To date, we have worked on a number of research and human resource development projects. In particular, we are focusing on consortium-type collaborative research, in which more than one companies take part in the research and development project set up by NCES.

Activity Scheme


Research and Educational Projects (As of March 2017)

Major research and development projects

    • Consortium type collaborative research on high-quality platform for in-vehicle control system Research and development of automotive software platforms, based on AUTOSAR specifications
    • Dynamic Map 2.0 Consortium Research and development of platforms for dynamic map covering cloud, edge and embedded computing
    • Research on security of in-vehicle LAN
    • Research on software platforms for spacecraft

Human resource development project

      • Educational Network for Practical Information Technology (enPiT 1st term, 2nd term) [for students]
      • NCES human resources development program [for engineers]

Faculty Members

Executive Director / Prof. TAKADA, Hiroaki
Designated Prof. / Director YAMAMOTO, Masaki
Designated Prof. (Part-time sta ) SAKAMOTO, Tadashi SATO, Kenya NAKAMOTO, Yukikazu
Assoc. Prof. YOSHIDA, Norihiro
Designated Assoc. Prof. KURACHI, Ryo
Assis. Prof. MATSUBARA, Yutaka