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The Global Media Research Center(GMRC), as the first of its kind in Japan, was established in 2015 with the aim of being a major hub for media and communication research in the Central Japan region. The Center is a new venture that builds on our achievements of the Global Media and Communication Unit and the Media Professional Studies Department in 2003-2017. During this time, the emergence of new digital media such as social media has brought about enormous changes worldwide. As the global distribution of information has dramatically grown due to the developments of information and communication technology, it is essential for all the actors including states, private enterprises, NPOs, NGOs and individual citizens to be able to exert their influence in the world, and in order to do so they have got to possess the necessary skills to effectively communicate their messages and positions not only domestically but internationally. In response to the rapidly changing environment of traditional and new media and international society, the Center aims to provide a major platform for media and communication studies and to undertake interdisciplinary research aimed at exploring global communication with an emphasis on international images. We shall be hosting a number of events including International Symposia, International Public Lectures and Professional Lectures that feature prominent international and local researchers and practitioners. Throughout our work, GMRC aims to be recognized as a core research platform in Asia.

Research and Educational Projects

● Selected Publications
 NAKAMURA, Toshiya, ‘Japan is back!’, France Forum, Institut Jean Lecanuet, No.62, pp.36-37, 2016.(in French)
 NAKAMURA, Toshiya ed., Beyond 70 Years After the World War II: Commitment of Germany and Japan, Ichigeisha Publishing, 2016.(in Japanese)
 NAKAMURA Toshiya eds., NARA Records of Establishing FEMA: Online Archive, Kyokuto Publishing, 2016. (in English, German and Japanese)
● GMRC Inaugural Symposium
‘Global Society and Japan: Beyond 70 Years after the World War II’, Nagoya University, Feb. 2016
● Symposium ‘Narrative of Anti-globalism and populism’, Nagoya University, 2017
● International Public Lectures
 Mr. Adam GARFINKLE, editor-in- Chief, National Interest, 2015
 Prof. Tsuyoshi KAWASAKI, Simon Fraser University, Canada, 2016
 Prof. Nick BISLEY, La Trobe University, Australia, 2016
● Professional Lectures
 Mr. Yasuhiro IHARA, Chief Manager of Nagoya Regional Office, Kyodo News, 2017
Mr. Kazuhiro TAIRA, Senior writer, Asahi Shimbun, 2018

Faculty Members

Executive Director / Prof.  NAKAMURA, Toshiya
Assoc. Prof.         IHARA, Nobuhiro
Collaborative Faculty    YAMAMOTO Tatsuhiro*1
               KIKUTA, Minao*1
               ENDO, Mamoru*1
               OGAWA, Akiko*1
               KARASAWA, Minoru*2
               GOTO, Akifumi*3
               SASAHARA, Kazutoshi*4
*1 Department of Social Informatics
*2 Department of Cognitive and Psychological Sciences
*3 Information Technology Center, NU
*4 Department of Complex Systems Science