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The Global Media Research Center focuses on the information that circulates through the international community ⁠— in particular information from mass media such as newspapers and television, as well as from social media — and addresses the issues of how countries and civil society, through the global media, deal with information, and formulate their image in the international community. In recent years, we have been also analyzing the issues that have arisen due to fake news on social media. To establish analysis and research methods for these issues, the Global Media Research Center was established in 2015 at the Graduate School of Language and Cultures (at the time) for the purpose of producing advanced academic research. It was transferred in 2017 to the Graduate School of Informatics upon its establishment. With the advancement of globalization and digitalization in mind, the Center is expected to become a key platform to lead a new field ⁠— the relationship between media and international society ⁠— and it is working on developing an environment so that it can respond to both domestic and international intellectual interests.
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Research and Educational Projects




The Global Media Research Center promotes various kinds of research that have an interdisciplinary approach, while collaborating with the industrial/business world, including domestic/international research institutes, government offices, news media and media companies. As a part of this, we have invited researchers and businesspersons from both within and outside of Japan, and hosted international symposiums “The International Public Lectures”, “The Professional Lectures”, regular conferences, etc. Almost all of these are open to the general public, and has an additional purpose of giving back to society the research results. In the future, we intend to continue collaborating with undergraduate/graduate schools, and carry out research and education focused on the utilization and application of AI and big data, which has high expectations from major media companies of fostering skilled persons.

ProjectsFaculty Members

Executive Director / Prof.  NAKAMURA, Toshiya
Assoc. Prof.         IHARA, Nobuhiro
Collaborative Faculty    YAMAMOTO Tatsuhiro*1
               KIKUTA, Minao*1
               ENDO, Mamoru*1
               OGAWA, Akiko*1
               KARASAWA, Minoru*2
               GOTO, Akifumi*3
               SASAHARA, Kazutoshi*4
*1 Department of Social Informatics
*2 Department of Cognitive and Psychological Sciences
*3 Information Technology Center, NU
*4 Department of Complex Systems Science