Admission Policy

The Graduate School of Informatics aims to foster intellectuals who can utilize the new horizon of informatics and persons who can lead in the creation of new value, new discovery and new solutions to problems through the design of fundamental structure within the information society by using informatics. In addition, our goal is to train intellectuals who can manage corporations, government agencies and international organizations from the view point of information, and informatics researchers who can play an active role in various fields of sciences. For this reason, we are selecting students who have diverse backgrounds. In order to form a foundation to foster such intellectuals, the following qualifications are required:

  • Have basic skills and academic abilities in the informatics field that are necessary to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in informatics
  • Have awareness and sufficient fundamental understanding of the world from the viewpoint of information, and have motivation to advance various sciences by making full use of information technology
  • Have the willingness and awareness to solve current and future social problems by using informatics to create value, while having sufficient fundamental knowledge to do so
  • Have a fundamental understanding of informatics that can contribute to humanity through the creation of information technologies that harmonizes with society and brings value to it
  • Have a sense of responsibility, vision and communication skills necessary to play a leading role in society through informatics research and practice