Message from Dean

The School and Graduate School of Informatics at Nagoya University were founded in 2017 by faculty members from the field of informatics. We aim to nurture intellectuals who build information systems in a broad sense such as information processing systems and social systems, create new value, and solve diverse issues facing mankind、with considering nature, human, society and technology in perspective of “information.”
Such intellectuals are needed in various situations in society. Advances in information technology have dramatically improved the convenience of social life and enabled the creation of new value. Al has been applied to various systems, and demonstration experiments of autonomous driving are being actively conducted. On the other hand、the impact of these social changes on human beings is not small、and the future of the information society has been actively discussed. The School (composed of 3 departments) and the Graduate School (consisting of 6 departments and 3 centers) of Informatics conduct education and research to tackle such a wide range of informatics issues. Some of our activities are introduced on the WWW site “Informatics Treasure Chest”, and in 2022、 special features on”Applied Cryptography and Information Security”, “Informatics to Help the Weak”, and “Science with Informatics” were also released.
All of our teachers and staffs will continue our efforts towards the development of the informatics through education and research.




Dean KITA, Eisuke