The Graduate School of Informatics, based on a deep understanding of informatics, fosters intellectuals who can contribute to the innovation of the information science and technology field, and professionals who can contribute to the innovation of information science and technology, the structure of manufacturing based on information science technology, the structure of society and organization, the methods of decision making, the methods of scientific research, etc. We also provide new value to humans and society through human resource development.
In the Master’s programs, we conduct education for the purpose of training intellectuals with three qualifications as follows:

  • Intellectuals who can understand the real world of nature and society from the viewpoint of informatics, unified through the research methods utilizing data science, mathematical science and complex systems science
  • Intellectuals who can understand the process of decision making within the information society, and who can connect information science and technology to the creation of new value through organization and institutional design, etc
  • Intellectuals who can create intelligent information systems that contribute to the safety and wellbeing the information society, while having the latest knowledge on information science and technology and understanding of human beings and society

In the Doctoral programs, for the students who have acquired the above three qualifications, we provide further research development in each of the specialized fields for the following intellectuals demonstrating a high level of achievement.

  • Researchers in various fields related to informatics who can lead in the development and creation of new knowledge
  • Intellectuals who are internationalized and can help lead to the creation of new value in various aspects of society, using advanced knowledge and informatics skills

All of these human resources development requirements are consistent with the qualifications described in the “Reference Standards of Informatics” of the Science Council of Japan.