Future Value Creation Research Center (FV-CRC)

More about Future Value Creation Research Center


The information revolution has greatly expanded our methods for solving various problems in the world and also provided us with the means for creating new value. Information science and technology has the potential to provide new value which human beings could not have imagined previously.

The ultimate goal of the Graduate School is to create new “informatics”. In the new “informatics”, we understand the need to integrate nature, human beings, society and artifacts as a ‘system’ for creating a flow of information. We then design new robust information flows which capture “information systems in a broad sense” including laws, norms, institutions, organizations and decision-making.
In order to further develop and carryout our mission, we established the Future Value Creation Research Center, Graduate School of Informatics in 2017. The Center also plays a role in connecting university seeds to value creation.


Activity Scheme


Research and Educational Projects

Program for Leading Graduate Schools Graduate Program for Real-World Data Circulation Leaders
Ministry of Education (MEXT) Budget request for organizing education and research institutions
「Nagoya University is establishing the School of Informatics and Graduate School of Informatics (tentative name), along with the Future Value Creation Research Center (tentative name)」


Faculty Members

Executive Director / Prof. TAKEDA, Kohichi
Assoc. Prof. SASANO, Ryohei


Collaborative / Visiting Professor

Department of Complex Systems Science / Visiting Prof. KITAURA, Kazuo (Quantum Chemistry Research Institute)
Department of Cognitive and Psychological Sciences / Visiting Assoc. Prof. KOBAYASHI, Tessei (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
Department of Computing and Software Systems / Visiting Prof. OHYAMA, Hiroshi (Okuma) SATO, Shuichi (Toyota Central R&D Labs)
Department of Intelligent Systems / Visiting Assoc. Prof. NAKATANI, Tomohiro (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)