Department of Computing and Software Systems


The Department of Computing and Software Systems conducts education and research on information systems with the aim of creating information science and technologies that improve convenience, safety, and comfort in our society. In designing and developing efficient and dependable information systems, we investigate fundamental theories and technologies for system platforms and software, in the establishment to advance the study of information systems. Based on research for highly reliable algorithms and sophisticated computational models, we explore the continuous evolution of ever more efficient and dependable information systems. We foster the best information engineers who play the leading roles in creating information systems, as well as researchers who contribute to the advance of information science through research and study of information systems and of the next generation boundless in time and space information networks.


Basic Topic in Theory of Computation A・B
System Programs A・B
Computer Architecture A・B
Foundations of Software A・B
Software Engineering A・B
High-Performance Computing A・B
Information Network A・B
Information Security 1・2
Programming Language Theory 1・2
Practical development of information systems 1・2
Theory and Application for Concurrency 1・2
Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Computation Model
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 1・2


Units, Members

Theory of Computation Unit

In this unit, we conduct education and research on fields that support information systems from a theoretical point of view, such as algorithms, formal logic, computation models, semantics of computation, and machine learning.
Faculty Members
Prof. SAKAI, Masahiko BANBARA, Mutsunori
Assoc. Prof. NISHIDA, Naoki

Information System Platform Unit

In this unit, we conduct education and research on highly reliable and high-performance information system platform that consists of basic architectures such as processors with basic software such as operating systems.
Faculty Members
Prof. EDAHIRO, Masato TAKADA, Hiroaki*1 ISHIHARA, Tohru
Assoc. Prof. MATSUBARA, Yutaka MASUDA, Yutaka
Designated Assoc. Prof. WATANABE, Yousuke*1 KURACHI, Ryo*2
Assis. Prof. YAMADA, Shunya
Designated Assis. Prof. LI Yixiao
*1 Institutes of Innovation for Future Society, Nagoya University
*2 Center for Embedded Computing Systems, Nagoya University

Software Science and Technology Unit

In this unit, we conduct education and research on theoretical and practical aspects of software science and technologies. We work on the theories and methods for efficient development, verification, and testing of software in order to achieve high reliability as well as high performance.
Faculty Members
Prof. SEKI, Hiroyuki YUEN, Shoji KAJI, Yuichi
Assoc. Prof. MORISAKI, Shuji NAKAZAWA, Koji
Assis. Prof. HAMAGUCHI, Takeshi

Information Network Systems Unit Joint Group with Information Technology Center

In this unit, we conduct education and research on information network construction methods, information security, intelligent information retrieval, high-performance computing and data analytics, and massively parallel algorithms.
Faculty Members
Prof. MURASE, Tutomu KATAGIRI, Takahiro
Assoc. Prof. SHIMADA, Hajime HOSHINO, Tetsuya
Assis. Prof. NAGAI, Toru


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Behavioural analysis of concurrent programs based on the labelled transition models