The Graduate School consists of six Departments which have been organized by integrating comparable fields, with the aim of creating and fostering a new academic field. The research field is extremely diverse as shown below.


  • Elucidation of various problems and unknown phenomena by mathematical science supported through the foundation of informatics
  • Elucidation of the principle of information flow and the creation of practical knowledge
  • Construction of the foundational design for information production, distribution and consumption
  • Elucidation of interactions, mechanisms and processes of communication among human beings
  • Creation of theories and technologies to achieve high efficiency and dependability
  • Exploring theories and technologies to better comprehend information acquisition and circulation


The esteemed research results of the faculty members who constitute this graduate school are presented in numerous scientific journals and conventions hosted by prestigious academic societies both in Japan and abroad. In addition, they have received many awards and invitations to lecture. As measures to expand the base of our research, we actively promote collaboration with external organizations. This is done by setting up collaborative courses with enterprises, which researchers outside the university can join. Moreover, we actively promote cooperation with other departments at Nagoya University. The Graduate School of Informatics is an advanced graduate school that expands the field of humanities to solve the pressing problems which mankind faces by creating new solutions and value through informatics.