AROB-ISBC-SWARM 2023よりYoung Author Awardを受賞しました。(複雑系科学専攻 Tomoei Takahashi D3)

  1. 受賞日:2023-01-27
  2. 受賞名:Young Author Award
  3. 主催団体:AROB-ISBC-SWARM 2023
  4. 受賞者の氏名、所属、職名(学年):
    Tomoei Takahashi (複雑系科学専攻 D3)
  5. 共同受賞者:
    George Chikenji (Graduate School of Engineering)
    Kei Tokita (Department of Complex Systems Science)
  6. 受賞対象となった研究のテーマ:
    Protein Design based on A Novel Hypothesis of Protein Evolution
  7. 受賞概要:
    A new method of protein design combining Bayesian learning and statistical mechanics methods is proposed and its effectiveness is demonstrated.
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