Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science fosters advanced information engineers with a deep understanding of the information society. In other words, students learn sophisticated information science technologies such as computers, networks, applied artificial intelligence, and audio-visual processing, gaining comprehensive insight into the society and nature. We train intellectuals who can contribute to the creation of new social infrastructures, services and so on, utilizing information technologies to solve complex issues.Today, information systems that are useful for creating new value and solving social problems are gradually being realized, but not only in terms of efficiency, but also in terms of protection of personal information, security and social inclusion. Intellectuals capable of conceiving and designing such information systems by considering the characteristics of human psychological mechanisms are in high demand.
In addition, in recent years, IoT (Internet of Things), which provides new value and services by connecting physical devices and enabling them to collect and exchange data has been attracting a lot of attention. As its advantage, new values such as products and services are expected to be produced in various scenes of manufacturing, medical, agriculture, the service industry, and so on. However, such information systems are expected to be a large and complex social infrastructure. In order for these systems to be realized, there is an urgent need to develop technicians who can design systems with robust security.
In this department, we help to develop such intellectuals with the following knowledge and abilities:

  • Human social science and understanding of the information society and social communities.
  • Knowledge of information technologies necessary for designing the infrastructure and services for the information society.
  • Knowledge and understanding of information system security for large and complex social systems, and infrastructure aimed at providing information protection to large numbers of people.

Faculty Members

22 Faculty Members of Department of Computing and Software Systems, Graduate School of Informatics
20 Faculty Members of Department of Intelligent Systems, Graduate School of Informatics


Division of Computing and Software Systems

The Division of Computing and Software Systems conducts education focusing on the principle of operation of computer systems, skills for building information systems and information network technologies. By doing this, students acquire knowledge and skills on information science technology and security, to create information systems. We foster intellectuals such as IT architects who can design optimal information systems according to clients’ needs by utilizing complicated and multilayered IT infrastructure as well as administrators who can manage and secure information systems.

Division of Intelligent Systems

The Division of Intelligent Systems conducts education focusing on machine learning, multimedia processing technology such as video, audio and languages, intelligent system technologies , and so on. By doing this, students acquire knowledge and abilities necessary for real-world data creation and analysis; building intelligent systems that interface with humans, organically combining existing technologies, tools and frameworks, etc. to quickly develop new products. Our aim is to cultivate intellectuals such as full-stack engineers and public service innovators.


Software Development
Object Oriented Programming
Automata and Formal Languages
Coding Theory
Computer Architecture 1・2
Non-procedural Languages
Machine Learning
Databases 1・2
Optimization 1・2
Foundations of Artifi¬cial Intelligence 1・2
Operating System 1・2
Network Security
Natural Language Processing 1・2
Information Processing in Biological Systems
Image Processing
Signal Processing
System Verification
Intelligent Robotics and System Control



Major research topics related to the Department of Computer Science

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