Through the education and research of “informatics” the School of Informatics, which has integrated segments of key academic disciplines, aims to foster intellectuals who have the following qualifications:

  • Being able to discover problems to be addressed and solve them using the informatics
  • Being able to organize management and institutional design with informatics
  • Being able to plan and design the mechanisms and systems which are the foundation of the information society

In addition to having such qualifications, more specialized knowledge and ability, in accordance with the scene of activities in society, each department aims to nurture intellectuals who are innovative and who can create new value using informatics by developing the following abilities:

  • Data analytical skills and design skills by computer simulation for nature, society, and artifacts
  • Social science knowledge and understanding for society and humans, knowledge and understanding of Information ethics and laws as well as management ability and communication skills
  • Knowledge of information science technology and security for information infrastructure services